Chimera is one of the most famous jailbreaks for iOS. This version of Chimera jailbreak is for iOS 12 which features a core trust bypass. This jailbreak supports all the Apple A12 devices including iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and latest versions of iPads. Because of the core trust bypass, the binaries are not needed to be redesigned.

chimera jailbreak for ios 2020

This latest jailbreak is released by the well-known Electra jailbreak team. Now that you know what Chimera jailbreak is, let’s give you a detailed view on how to download and install it onto your IOS device.

How to Install Chimera Jailbreak for IOS 12

There are many ways to install this jailbreak onto your device. Here I am going to share the easiest one with you. But before installing, make sure you don’t have any IOS 12 OTA files otherwise you may end up in a boot loop.

  • First of all download the chimera jailbreak onto your computer. You can download it from here. Once you download it, next is the time for installing it.
  • For installing it you need to download a third party installed. There are many installer available out there like Emus4U, TopStore etc. Install one of them.
  • Once you install the third party installer, open it and search for chimera.
  • When you find it, tap on it and install it onto your IOS device.
  • Now go to your home screen, from there launch the chimera jailbreak.
  • Once the jailbreak process starts, wait for it to detect your iPhone and apply the jailbreak.
  • When you have done this, the jailbreak is now ready to use.
  • If you face any errors during the whole jailbreak process, there might be some OTA files. You need to delete them and then again apply the jailbreak.

After applying the jailbreak onto your device, some of the apps might not work well as before. It is because these files have detected the jailbreak and will not work perfectly. For this, you need to install a jailbreak bypass app. When you install this app, all your other apps will work perfectly.

How to delete Jailbreak?

Its very simple to uninstall or delete a jailbreak from your device. Simply delete the third party app and after doing that uninstall the jail break and you’re good to go.