Tower Defense games are the games are usually the games where you have to defend yourself against the attack of one or more enemies. These are also called TD games.


Tower Defense or TD games made their first mark in late 1990, and they have risen through the popularity charts to become a new sub-genre of gaming ever since. Although the first of these games were only meant for playing on a restricted operating system, they were later ported on to several popular platforms such as PlayStation, Gameboy, etc

Best Tower Defense GamesTD games continued to be a massive hit on the mobile platform as well, with several of the games from this genre ranked as most popular on the various app stores. Mobile screens are much more receptive and prove to be an efficient device for an intense and immersive TD gaming experience. Hence today, you can find various engaging and fun tower defense phone games with advanced maps, characters, weapons, and strategies. You can also create your maps, customize characters, formulate strategies, and be imaginative with your approach. Besides all the added functionalities, mobile TD games have a simple design and user interface to make them suitable for smaller screens.

Our writers have researched and reviewed some of the best tower defense games and have picked the best ones for your android phone. And you can download and enjoy them to fulfill your TD gaming craze.

Here is our list of 20 best android tower defense games of all time

Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best tower defense and strategy video game developed by PopCap Games for Windows and OS X in May 2009 and ported to consoles, handhelds, and mobile devices, and in remastered versions for personal computers. You can play it for free on your android device.

In Plants vs. Zombies, players place different types of plants and fungi, each with their unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around their house to stop a horde of zombies from reaching it. The zombies also come in several types that have different attributes, in particular, speed, damage tolerance, and abilities. If a zombie reaches the end of a lane, a lawnmower will shoot forward and destroy all the zombies in that lane. However, if a zombie reaches the end of that same lane for a second time, it will reach the player’s house.

This game is the winner of over 30 Game of year awards and remains one of the best games to provide the users with a complete TD game experience.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a 2013 free-to-play tower defense video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the original Plants vs. Zombies and was released worldwide on Google Play on October 23, 2013. It is free to download and play on your android device.

Gamers of all ages can enjoy this game; it contains in-app purchasing of coins to utilize specific power-up abilities. Plant Food, a new power-up, allows plants to power up for varying amounts of time. Each plant has its ability when given Plant Food. Players can complete the whole game without purchasing these abilities, some of which can be earned throughout the game instead of being purchased.  Additionally, users can level up their plants using Seed Packets (found in-game or bought with real money) to allow them to enhance their abilities permanently.

This game is highly critically acclaimed and is loved by players. It is the most successful EA mobile game ever launched and one of the best tower defense games on android.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and published by Armor Games. It is a real-time tower defense game set in a medieval fantasy setting.

Player has to defend their kingdom against the hordes of evil by fighting on mountains, forests, and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations. Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit eleven warriors and face legendary monsters on the quest to save the Kingdom from the evil forces.

There are four types of towers to choose from, Mages, Archers, Barracks, and Artillery, each costing a certain amount of money to build and upgrade. At the beginning of each level, the player gets some money to create the first towers. As enemies begin to emerge from one end of the path, the towers must be able to kill them before they reach the other end of the track (defense point). The player will also rely on a few spells and heroes (with cool-downs) to help the towers. Killing enemies generates money, which can readily be used to build and upgrade towers. These are more challenging modes that take place on the same path and impose various constraints. In these modes, the player will only be given one life, so any enemy surviving to the defense point triggers a failure.

This game is highly critically acclaimed and is rated 4.7/5 on Google Play store.

Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival is a free game that you can play on your Android phone. It is one of the best Tower Defense game and is free to play on Android store. This game allows the players to build their city to survive the imminent zombie attack. To survive, you have to build your base by adequately planning the structures and optimally using the provided space.

The last Shelter also features an online multiplayer mode that allows you to play with your friends, build an alliance, and defend yourself from enemies. It is a massive multiplayer zombie apocalypse-themed strategy war game and has a rating of 4.6/5 on Google Play Store.

Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG

Defenders 2 is a sequel of hit TD android game that features collectible cards and a complete tower defense gameplay. It consists of several challenges that require the skill of the user to protect their belongings from monsters in a 3D fantasy world.

Defenders 2 takes place in a war-affected world of zombies, monstrous creatures, and even aliens that are closing into your castle for an imminent crash. Your job is to use all the resources available to push back and kill enemy creeps, trying to occupy your land. Additionally, you can also rush into the battlefield yourself to help your troops and kill enemy creeps. The user loses the game if the creatures pass all your obstacles and reach the castle to destroy it.

This game allows PvP play, and you can challenge your opponents for competitive gameplay. It also features a hard mode for TD enthusiasts to test their skills to the maximum.

Defense Zone 3

Defense Zone 3 is a sequel of a dynamic, action-packed strategy game that features weapons, landscapes, and countless in-game options. The main design of the game features a horde of enemies running at your defenses as you use your towers and arsenal to destroy them so that you can save your base.

Defense Zone 3 features four different difficulty levels for multi-tier complexity gameplay for people of all ages. You can pick and choose from a wide range of eight turrets to blast your enemies. Additionally, the game offers power moves, such as airstrikes and nuclear bombs, for a more intense experience. The developers claim to have carefully thought out the map structure to be a better fit for challenging gameplay.  Lastly, this game also features several special sound effects and high-end graphics for detailed landscapes and seasons.


Digfender is a highly acclaimed tower defense strategy game that requires the user to defend their castle from underneath the ground. You can use the shovel to dig inside the surface to find useful loot to build defense mechanisms such as towers, traps, and magic.

Digfender features over 70 playable levels, where each level challenges the user’s mental capacity while having fun digging around to find useful stuff. It also has five different upgrade-able trees that help you strengthen and mold your defense structures and strategies. Additionally, you can play a unique survival mode to test your limits and beat your friends’ scores. The leader boards and achievement charts make sure to document and save your statistics as you progress through the game.

This game has a rating of 4.5 on google play store and contains ads as well as in-app purchases.

Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer is a strategy based game by DroidHen that takes you through a journey of saving your territory from approaching monsters. It allows you to build your troops to stand in the face of enemies and defend your tower, eventually killing them all and capturing their fort.

Fort Conquer features many highlighting gameplay options as you progress through the stages and evolve your creatures to be more powerful. You can also use your imagination to create your creatures and species that can help you with your quest. Additionally, the multi-tower defense design allows a more fluent, strategic, and challenging tower defense game experience. Boss level stages are a bit more challenging to test the user’s mental capabilities. Most importantly, this game has high-quality graphics and indulging sound effects in keeping the user immersed.

Fish vs. Pirates

Fish vs. Pirates is a challenging and strategic defense game that takes you on an underwater adventure to save the mermaid from the pirates. You can use a line of defense to attack and destroy the approaching enemies before they reach your home. The game gets complicated with each passing level as new and stronger enemies are introduced to keep the gameplay challenging for the user.

Fish vs. Pirates features four unique campaigns with a total of 40 different levels, with the final level being a fight with the ultimate boss, King Octopus. It has several fish characters as allies and friendly oysters that provide gems for more fishes. You can tap the screen to place or remove a specific figure on to the battlefield. This game has a Google Play rating of 4.2 and offers multiple in-app purchases.

Swamp Attack

Swamp attack is a strategy based TD game that requires you to defend your home and swamp from the incoming attacks and intruders. It is free to play on google play and includes in-game purchases of items that can help you clear levels and upgrade your arsenal.

Swamp attack features eight different episodes with 390 single-player levels and 40 multiplayer levels for an action-packed gaming fiasco. It has easy to use controls that allow you to shoot with different guns by tapping on the mobile screen. You can also drag and drop bombs and explosives onto the enemies invading into your property. Aside from ammunition, the game also allows you to revive or regain your lost health by drinking a magic potion. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your items and guns to stay better equipped for the next, relatively difficult level. Lastly, it has a unique challenge mode that you can play to test your limits.

Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense is a tower defense strategy game that takes place in a colorful space setting and features several alien characters to destroy. The game allows you to build up your defenses and save your fortress from the oncoming attacks for the enemy forces.

Radiant Defense features a wide variety of ammunition, guns, traps, and characters that ensure a complete TD gaming experience on your phone. It has more than 400 waves of aliens divided into 15 different episodes. Additionally, you can choose from nine different weapons that are upgradable with power-ups to stay better equipped for the next wave of intruders. Furthermore, you can also play around with three superweapons to do massive damage to enemy forces. Lastly, the online leaderboards and hall of fame store your current progress and scores so you can compete with other players.

This game has a unique soundtrack by Kubatko that amplifies the gaming experience of the user. It works with Android TV and doesn’t contain any ads, but does have in-app purchases to get quick power-ups and weapon upgrades.

Infinitode 2 – Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode 2 Infinite Tower Defense is an endless strategy game that immerses the user in the world of TD gaming with never-ending waves of enemies trying to swarm your buildings. It has a simplistic, optimized design for a handy use experience while providing numerous playing features.

Infinitode 2 has 40 different levels, 14 various types of towers, and several other characters such as miners, enemies, bosses, etc. You can upgrade your towers, buildings, and defensive antics by mining enough resources within the game. Also, the leader-boards save your progress as you clear the levels, so you don’t have to play from the start the next time you install the game. Furthermore, the map of this game has a highly customize-able design, and you can even create your own with the resources you earn by clearing levels. Different soundtracks are infused within the maps to play with the synthesizer.

This unique TD game features detailed statistics for each game you play on your device and consistently provides achievement trophies as you gain levels. Most importantly, you can sync your saved games with a computer or any other device. Lastly, this game has special access to developer mode with many more possibilities for the user to enhance their experience.

Mini TD: Classic Tower Defense Game

Mini TD Classic Tower Defense is an offline strategy game by ArgonGames for TD enthusiasts that offers a simple and creative gaming experience. It has a simplistic design that doesn’t require a very high-end device to play on.

Mini TD features 40 different and unique levels for the user to complete the campaign and reach the finish line. It also has four types of towers that you can upgrade to make your defense stronger against the enemy. The game contains in-app purchases, and you can play it for free on the Google Play store. Most importantly, there is no pay-to-win policy or such game design that can hinder your progress through the episodes. This game is highly acclaimed and has a store review rating of 4.7 stars.

Sky TD: Hardcore Tower Defense Game

Sky TD Hardcore Tower Defense is a strategy game by ArgonGames that revolved around the concept of saving you home up in the sky from aliens. The evil intruders try to storm your property, and it is your job to keep the enemy attacks at bay to save your home. It creates an immersing experience of solid gameplay with better graphics and indulging soundtracks. Most importantly, it is free to play on the Google Play Store, and you can complete all the levels without spending money on donations or in-game crystals.

Sky TD features 50 different levels and five types of upgradable towers that can strengthen your defenses. It also has several enemy characters and creeps that attack you repeatedly with their special abilities. Additionally, this game features endless mode on some levels, and there is no pay-to-win policy by the developers for smooth gameplay.

Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is a detailed strategy game that features an extensive TD gameplay with fun and engaging characters. This game allows you to get help from special agents, build and upgrade towers, and defeat enemies as they approach your territory.

Bloons TD 5 ensures hours of immersive gameplay by offering several appealing in-game features to keep the user hooked to their screen. There are three different game modes and difficulty settings for you to explore and challenge your defense capabilities. Some key features of this game are 50+ tracks, ten helpful agents, ten special missions, and many random missions as side-quests. Additionally, this game also offers co-op play on specific tracks and has a free play option once you’ve mastered a particular path.

This colorful game offers many in-app purchases and has a google play rating of 4.6.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star

Sentinel 4 Dark Star is the next in series of a highly acclaimed and award-winning strategy game that lets the user explore the war-affected mythical space and the Dark Star. The game allows you to interact with in-game technology and towers to save your home from the invaders.

Sentinel 4 features a detailed campaign divided among 26 different maps and a sub-campaign that unveils the hidden secrets of the mysterious Dark Star. The extensive landscapes and marathon paths add to the user gaming experience, while you stay focused on destroying enemies with weapons in your arsenal. Apart from graphic features, this game also has a new and updated bestiary that consists of known information about the enemy creeps and their abilities. You can upgrade your weaponry, unlock towers, and deploy your forces to counter the enemy units. Furthermore, as you progress through the game, your level and experience increase that results in in-game awards.

This game has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store and supports google play services for safe storage of your achievements and game results.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a sequel to one of the best tower defense for android that comes with loaded features for fun and prolonged TD gameplay. This game demands you to be creative and forge the perfect defense against the enemy forces and tactics.

Bloons TD 6 comes with new skins for the monkey characters, and visual effects make the play more entertaining. It features a wide range of 37 original maps with 3D object support that adds to the general gameplay. Additionally, the game has a total of 21 towers, where each has three upgradable paths to becoming stronger and more dangerous for the enemies. You can build and craft strategies around the nine in-game unique heroes with magical powers and synergies.

This offline game features single-player mode as well as co-op play, and developers have included new game modes to each difficulty level.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is the second in a highly popular tower defense game series for android that offers most of the critical features of TD gaming to its users. This game creates a post-apocalyptic world where the earth is over-run with machines from outer space, and humankind is facing extinction. Your job is to guide your convoy commander, Yukon, to build and morph effective strategies to pull back machine invasion.

Anomaly 2 features an extensive single-player campaign and a unique multiplayer mode called tower defense vs. tower offense, which lets you play with your friends. You can upgrade your troops to equip yourself for any coming danger. Each troop unit has unique abilities and skills to help you during certain combat situations. Most importantly, you can also experience multiple ending depending on your gameplay and statistics.

Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense is a tower defense strategy game by Infinite Dreams that involves the user in attractive and charming gameplay. It requires the user to save the stars from the enemies and destroy them mid-path using unique towers. These jelly-like towers are upgradable, and you can spend coins on strengthening them.

The gameplay of Jelly Defense is much smoother and offers excellent animations, sounds, and easy game controls. The main map is a 3D globe-like structure that features variously locked and unlocked levels for easy access. The unique design of this game has separated the entities using red and blue colors, as in blue colored towers attack blue enemies and red towers attack red ones. It has a google play rating of 4.5 and does not contain any in-app purchases.

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 is a sequel to one of the highly acclaimed tower defense game that is developed by Subatomic Studios. This game features a unit of Fieldrunners consisting of various soldiers and commanders that are ready to take over the world. Your job is to help save the earth using the help of weapons and tools made by the SubaLabs. You can also call in airstrikes and set deadly traps for the invading enemies to catch them by surprise.

Fieldrunners 2 has many fun features for immersive user experience, including a 20+ hours long campaign with compelling graphics. There are several side challenges for the user to test their limits. Additionally, there are 20 unique weapons, and you can upgrade each weapon to deal better with the next wave of enemies. Furthermore, the different terrain effects add to the dimensions of the game, while the user moves around the map. This game has a google play rating of 4.1 and includes in-app purchases.

Have Questions? FAQ Section

Catering to any queries you might have, we are listing a few helpful FAQs that can clear out some ambiguities and improve your TD game-play experience. They are given below:

What are tower defense games?

Tower defense games usually work around the idea of saving your buildings and structures against enemy attacks by using in-game resources and mental strategies. They require you to outplay the opponent and destroy their infrastructure before they destroy yours. Most importantly, you can play against computer AI or a friend through multiplayer gaming. These games have a simple as well as intricate designs that test the user’s creativity and mental capabilities regardless of their age group.

Can my low-end android phone run TD games?

Many tower defense games have a simple interface with even simpler control for movement and gaming. Such games can run on low-end phones with ease and may provide you with the full gaming experience. However, complex TD games with high-end graphics require much higher CPU, memory, and graphics components, and a low-end phone may not be able to run them.

What is the best tower defense game for android?

Choosing the best tower defense game out of so many great options seems like an impossible task. Many users have different opinions about the top games, and we leave it up to you decide the best one out of the above list. You can download and play them to make a final decision for yourself.

Final Word:

In conclusion, you have many options to choose from this extensive list. If you’re a TD fanatic, every one of these games might bring you an exclusive, immersive experience on your android phone. However, make sure to comply with the game content rating, especially while choosing a game for smaller kids and teenagers. You also need to make sure that you’ve thoroughly read the game details and specifications, so it is compatible with your phone.

A whole world of TD games awaits your finger gestures, strategies, and creativity. These games range from a basic game app to a complex war arena with multiple controls and options, making them suitable for people of all ages. So choose your favorite one(s) and explore the maps, characters, and items to have fun. Let us know if you would like to add your favorite TD game to our list of best tower defense games for android. And make sure to opt good gaming habits. Happy TD-ing!